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Jane Rowe has always had a flare for writing, as a child she enjoyed the Bronte sisters, copying them in their love of making miniature novels. 


When Ms Rowe got back into writing, she was living on benefits, struggling with post-natal depression.  Every night Jane wrote, "The Desolation of Silence,"  which she submitted  to Amazon Kindle, where it was first published as an eBook.

This talented novelist worked another novel "Luna," an alien story inside the mind of a young extra-terrestrial female.

Jane decided "Desolation," should be a four book series, the first,  "The Desolation of Silence,"  followed by the,  "Solace of Suffering," then "Alice Symphony of  Vampire"  the last episode, "Noir The Other Side Of Midnight."  Jane is currently working on,  "Alice."

Lucy Rowe, Jane's daughter  was inspired to write a children's book called, "The Flying Cat," Lucy thoroughly enjoyed the process, having her picture in the local paper.  All of Jane Rowe's novels are in paperback as well as eBooks, on Amazon Kindle bookstore.

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