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ISBN: 9798663424677      paperback

ASIN: B08DSV81J4           ebook



The novel is a complex story of an intelligent female doctor who finds herself engulfed in a modern-day pandemic.  Caught in a love triangle struggling inside a world gone crazy. Coping with an alien new normality the medic hides some burning secrets and a difficult relationship with her teenage daughter.  The doctor battles diseased riddled London to help her child and find herself.

Alice a Symphony of Vampires image cover
The Desolation of Silence

“The Desolation of Silence,” is a tantalisingly decadent tale of female empowerment, that spans decades. Clara, the main character, faces her gruesome vampire longings, exploring new dimensions of her undead gifts, both fascinated and appalled, by her monstrously shocking actions.


In the infancy of the novel, she’s engulfed by the unearthly glamour of her newfound immortality, until she tries to fight her dreadfully wondrous thirst for blood, a painfully pleasurable experience, which through self-denial she becomes the ultimate master of restraint.


The Solace of Suffering


The sequel to Desolation of Silence, contains all of the roller-coaster excitement of the first novel. A page turner, with slick, sophisticated, characters, encapsulating, independence and in depth femmine sexual exploration. Exploding the female psyche, going deep into Clara's journey into her complicated relationship with her daughter, Alice.

Alice A Symphony of Vampires

ISBN: 9781790844340


"Alice a Symphony of Vampires," is the third part of the, "Desolation, " four book series, written by Jane Rowe.  It is told by Alice the daughter of Clara who narrates this novel.  The book has many surprises, leaving the reader thirsty for more with a final cliff hanging climax leading to the fourth book


Noir The Other Side of Midnight

ISBN: 9781073035045

"Noir The other side of Midnight," Is the final, part, of Jane Rowe's popular four-book female vampire series.  Noir's journey begins on the cotton fields, of the deep, south of America, to Paris and modern-day London.  All the loose ends from the other vampire books are resolved, as Noir another female vampire, enjoys the highs and lows of her story.  A shocking conclusion holds the reader's attention, as each page, is packed with, explosive revelations!  Treat yourself, to the literary version, of a rich, indulgent, naughty but nice cream cake!  Lock the doors and enter Jane Rowe's world of female vampires, if you dare!

Poetry in Motion


These poems are accessible, modern, with deep, dark subject matter, thought provoking, relevant. Let Ms Jane Rowe take you on a journey  inside her adult Alice in Wonderland world ! 

Colour Blind
front and back cover               
"Colour Blind" is an in-depth analysis of the irrational, of racism
In the genre of, "How to kill a mockingbird" it is engaging, drawing the
reader in through clever use of word dialogue.


ASIN: B01MQOVBVF e-book at present, soon to be in paperback

An unconventional intergalactic tale of love, lust, desire and revenge. The central characters are an extra-terrestrial mother and daughter, parted by humans yet bound by unbreakable unconditional love. Strong adult themes. "Luna" is a sexually charged dark fantasy which features a sadomasochistic relationship. The book explores what we define as human and alien and is an unique cross between Barberella and Blade Runner.

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