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The Final Chapter: Noir, The Other Side Of Midnight!

Hold on to your hats! This is the fourth and final instalment of my popular Desolation Series! Prepare yourself for the ride of your life, with strong adult subjects! Strictly for over eighteens, the character of Noir is explored in this must have read! Noir, who is Alice's maker, is a lady of colour. Her journey begins on the cotton fields, as a slave, to modern day becoming an international lawyer.

As a writer, my own development, has evolved along side that of the characters I created, as I struggled with my own personal desolation of silence. I was on benefits, to begin with, coping with physical and mental health problems. It has been a roller coaster ride that has ended with me becoming a successful, British, female, Schizophrenic writer! I had closure on multi-dimensional issues, laid my soul bare, enjoyed the thrill of sensations of control, in which it was my time, my way!

I was mistress of my own destiny, pouring everything into this emotional unique read! I learnt never, ever give up, that we all have potential for more than we think, it is really a matter of pushing yourself beyond the boundaries of heaven and hell. We all have our destination, to where only you will know, but learn to love the ride! So there we have it, never give up! If I can, you can! I could cry, but this is what I call a happy beginning! Catch you next month! Lots of love Jane Rowe xx

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